Frightening discovery for Julia, who had rented a room on Airbnb: the owner claims €1,800 from her, “we have no idea what he did with the images…” (video)

As part of their work as tattoo artists, Julia and Ana rented a room in Rio de Janeiro through Airbnb. They unfortunately made a frightening discovery after dropping off their luggage on Sunday November 13th.

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“For some reason I took a photo of the closet above the bedroom door with my cell phone. Then I noticed a faint glow, like that of a camera lens. The days before, we joked about a man filming us, but it suddenly came true. I said: “Honey, I think there really is a camera” (…) A pervert is filming us in the double bed of his Airbnb. And we have no idea what he’s doing with the footage,” says Julia.

And indeed, after having dismantled the metal plates which were fixed on the cupboard, there was indeed a hidden camera which aimed at their bed. The two women filmed the facts and shared them on Instagram. They then went to the police to warn the police against the owner of French nationality. Worse still: the host of the young women claimed the sum of €1,800 from them for the material damage caused.

Local media indicate that the Frenchman’s profile has been blocked while the investigation is being carried out. The claim for damages from this one is also canceled and Julia and Ana have received a refund and a voucher from the housing rental platform.

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