Friday the 13th: The shocking truth about the horror series starring Jason

Friday the 13th kicked off an incredibly long-lived franchise in 1980 that has spawned twelve films, comics and a video game to date. So, today, on this holiday of the superstitious, it’s time to unveil some incredible details about the Friday the 13th film franchise.

Whoever thinks of the serial killer Jason from “Friday the 13th” can hardly do without a machete and a hockey mask in his imaginary picture. Until the third part “And again it’s Friday the 13th” Jason had to do without this hockey mask. To give the killer a more incisive look, the mask of a Detroit Red Wings hockey goalie was tried out, which director Steve Miner was immediately smitten with.

In “Friday the 13th – Jason Returns” Jason had to be content with a burlap sack over his head, while in the first part we only get to see him as a disfigured boy in a dream sequence at the end of the film.

Who we have to thank for Jason’s appearance in the first part is still controversial today, as many have declared themselves to be the originators of the idea. What is certain, however, is that the later serial killer almost didn’t appear in “Friday the 13th” at all. The dream sequence in which he pulls Alice (Adrienne King) under the lake was not in the script and it was only during filming that it was decided to show the first victim of Camp Crystal Lake after all.

Today is Friday the 13th. Why are people afraid of this exact date? The video explains it briefly:

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Jason wasn’t squeamish in the Friday the 13th movies

In retrospect, the decision turned out to be definitely right, and not just because the scene went down in horror film history. Betsy Palmer, who played Jason’s mother, Mrs. Vorhees, wasn’t initially enthusiastic about the film. Her reaction to the script was extremely abusive and negative, she only accepted the role because she was able to exchange her old Mercedes for a new Volkswagen Scirocco thanks to the fee from the ten days of shooting.

However, when special effects executive Tom Savini showed her a shot of her son, Betsy Palmer’s attitude toward the role changed. Learning that Mrs. Vorhees’ son was disabled made her realize how much this mother had been through. Ultimately, Palmer grew into the role and gave one of her best-known performances.

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How many people Jason killed in all of his films is not entirely clear; for example, in “Freddy vs. Jason” he is controlled by his horror colleague, which is why these deaths could also be attributed to Freddy. However, conservative estimates put the number of deaths at least 158, giving Jason an average of 15.8 deaths in each of his films in which he was the killer himself. With such a body count, Freddy Krueger, Mike Myers and Co. would certainly applaud.

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