Friday the 13th Producer Discusses Chances of New Movie Happening

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and fans of the eponymous horror franchise are already getting ready to marathon the various features that have been released since 1980 in theaters.

The project has been in limbo for some time since its screenwriter, Victor Miller, won the case after requesting copyright termination for the first film’s screenplay, so no other film has been made in recent years.

Fans are wondering, then, if there is a possibility the franchise will return at some point, and the producer of the first Friday the 13th feature, Sean S. Cunningham, gave his optimistic, but not very encouraging, opinion in recent interview with CNN:

“I think it will definitely come back. But I can’t tell you it will be back this year or next. Will Jason return to theaters? Now the odds are 50-50… Both sides are really buried in trenches. They’re not going to throw grenades, but I don’t think anyone is going to ask for a peace deal,” says Cunningham.

Friday the 13th race

While the screenwriter was victorious, legal battles continue and Marc Toberoff, the copyright attorney representing Miller, also spoke to CNN about the future of Friday the 13th.

“We can now license a remake, prequel or even sequel film… Miles now owns the copyright to his script, including sequel rights, but can’t Jason be portrayed as older than he was in the first film? Does not make sense. Jason had a very important presence in Miller’s film. In fact, Ms. Voorhees channeled Jason. And, of course, the first one was all set for sequels.”

Toberoff also says they could make a television series, in the style of what happened with Twin Peaks and Bates Motel, about the Crystal Lake community and how Jason became who he is.

But for now, there is no information on specific projects in development for Friday the 13th.

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