Friday on TV: Starring Will Smith, this groundbreaking action thriller was set to revolutionize cinema

On Friday evening, ProSieben showed a film that was supposed to revolutionize cinema due to its technical design. However, the Will Smith flick flopped despite a certain merit.

The Taiwanese director, screenwriter and producer Ang Lee has been in the film business since the 1980s. For his films “Brokeback Mountain” and “Life of Pi: Shipwreck with Tiger” he received the Oscar for Best Director. With all his experience and his merits, his plan to include the cinema seemed “Gemini Man” to revolutionize, therefore not to be so far-fetched.

The technical peculiarity of “Gemini Man” was that the film by means 3D in combination with an increased frame rate should create a much more immersive experience than we are used to from most films. Because the action thriller with science fiction elements flickered with whole 120 frames per second across the canvas. By comparison, most films have a frame rate of 24 frames per second. Only a few films, such as the representatives of the “Hobbit” trilogy (48 frames per second), boast a higher frame rate.

However, at the time the film was released, there was a crucial problem: many cinemas were not and are not even able to throw a film with such technical requirements on the screen. In the United States of America, for example, “Gemini Man” ran only in 14 cinemas at 120 frames per second and in 3D, like polygon reported. However, the 4K resolution had to be dispensed with for these demonstrations. In the end, the film grossed just 173 million US dollars, which alone made it a bitter loss with production costs of 138 million US dollars.

You could see how the spectacle with a lower frame rate works on home screens in the replay Friday, July 29 at 11:00 p.m. on ProSieben look at. Alternatively, “Gemini Man” is available as a subscription to Joyn or, for a small additional fee, to Amazon Prime Video. If you are also in the mood for more cinematic action fare, we recommend the following five film series:

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The Rejuvenation Technique on “Gemini Man”

In “Gemini Man,” Will Smith slips into the role of 50-year-old Henry Brogan, who gets his hands dirty as a government hitman. When Brogan quits his job, the head of the Gemini research program, Clayton Verris (Clive Owen), orders Brogan’s assassination. None other than 23-year-old Junior, a cloned version of Henry Brogan, takes on this job.

In order to convey this double role as credibly as possible, the filmmakers resorted to the so-called Performance capture technique back (via Golden Camera). The filming went so that Will Smith first played the older version of Henry Brogan, while another actor impersonated his younger self in those scenes. Smith then acted out the scenes of the clone, whose face was captured using a 3D modeling process and subsequently rejuvenated by Will Smith using old footage. You can see the result on Friday evening on ProSieben.

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