Freshly single Brožová: Looking for an Italian diplomat?

Soukup’s ex-girlfriend Brožová again, she looks around to see which of the men would be worth the sin.

Ageless Kateřina Brožová (54): Breaking up with a mysterious lover!

Although she is generally as secretive as the castle in the Carpathians and refused to reveal the identity of her last acquaintance, she did not make much of a fuss with the statement that “she is on the hunt”. “There was someone in my life, but he’s gone. I am currently single, but hopefully not for long. I need love and I like to be in male company. That’s also why I’m here at the event of the Italian embassy, ​​where there are a lot of handsome men,” Brožová said openly to Lightning.

Brožová is known for her weakness for mobile men, in the past she was even linked to Prince Jiří Lobkowitz, but their relationship has always remained a subject of speculation. He probably won’t be looking for businessman Zdenek Toman, Petr Kovarčík or Boris Kollár and, after all, Soukup in difficult waters.

Kateřina Brožová: I hate when someone lies to me and uses me

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