Frenzy on Twitter! Lady Gaga tipped to star in "joker 2"but what about Margot Robbie?

“Joker” will have its sequel, that’s for sure. Oscar winner in 2019, the film directed by Todd Phillips was a huge box office success generating more than a billion in revenue. However, its sequel could take a completely different form. On June 13, the HollywoodReporter has made huge revelations about “Joker 2”, already called “Joker: Madness for two”.

And among the information leaked, Lady Gaga is in negotiations to join the cast and play a new Harley Quinn, played in the first installment by actress Margot Robbie. But if the interpreter of “Born This Way” has proven himself at the cinema in “American Horror Story: Hotel”, “A Star Is Born” and “House of Gucci”, for the sequel to “Joker” Warner Bross would also do appeal to her singing talents. Indeed, “Joker: La folie à deux” could be shot as a musical. You can see it more clearly. Also because Todd Phillips produced, alongside Bradley Cooper, “A Star Is Born” which allowed Lady Gaga to be in the running for the Oscar for Best Actress and to win the Oscar for Best Original Song with “Shallow”.

And Margot Robbie in all this? She would be dismissed… But at the same time she plays the character in several films like “The Suicide Squad”. For Joaquin Phoenix, he would keep his role of Arthur Fleck alias the Joker. At the same time, it had allowed him to win the Oscar for best actor in 2019.

If you still haven’t seen “Joker”, go for it, here is its synopsis: “Failed comedian Arthur Fleck encounters violent thugs while wandering the streets of Gotham City dressed as a clown. Despised by society, Fleck gradually descends into dementia and becomes the criminal genius known as the Joker, a dangerous psychotic killer”.

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