French justice tries to elucidate a mysterious assassination: “No body, no identity”

A driver indicted and imprisoned for having killed a cyclist, a mysterious unknown victim whose body has not been found, this is the equation that must be resolved by French justice.

“I have been a magistrate for 23 years and this is the first time that I have been confronted with a situation of this kind”, declared Wednesday the public prosecutor of Evreux, Rémi Coutin, who launched an appeal for witnesses. to elucidate this mysterious case.

A suspect in custody

Indicted for “murder, concealment of a corpse, destruction of evidence and false denunciations”, a 46-year-old man was placed in pre-trial detention. “But we are faced with a particular situation since we do not have a body, nor do we have an identity as to the supposed victim”, underlined Mr. Coutin.

Denounced by his ex-girlfriend

In mid-May, a woman presented herself to the gendarmerie of Dieppe (north) to denounce a murder committed, according to her, by her ex-companion two months earlier. According to her, this carpenter of Polish origin from whom she had just separated had called her on March 9, “obviously panicked and under the influence of alcohol, to tell her that he had just killed someone” by car, before going back on his statements.

Completed with a shovel

Four days later, his ex-boyfriend told him again that he had hit a woman on a bicycle while he was drunk. “This woman was in her sixties and looked, in her words, like a tramp,” the prosecutor said. He had confessed to having loaded the body and the bicycle into his car, before hiding them behind an embankment and then returning with a shovel to bury them. When he returned, the cyclist being alive, “he had finished her off by shoveling her several times before burying her with his bike”, according to the account reported by the magistrate.

Two “opposing” versions

Arrested on June 21, the suspect gave during his custody “two diametrically opposed versions”: first that of “a joke to his ex-girlfriend so that she takes pity on him and comes back to live with him” before explaining that he had “well hit a cyclist” but that “she had recovered and was able to leave”. He nevertheless admitted to having set fire to his vehicle, which had previously been declared stolen.

Another damning testimony

Another woman, in treatment with the suspect, also collected confidences from this man “not well in his head because he had knocked down an old lady (…) whom he had finished before burying her”. The French gendarmerie indicated that it had requested Europol, as no reconciliation could be established with a missing person.

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