French girlfriends who plotted husband’s murder as in TV series ‘Clan’ sentenced to 22 and 17 years in prison

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The curtain has fallen after six days in the assizes trial against the three French friends who murdered, beheaded and then threw the husband of one of them into the Seine. Two of them have to go to prison for 22 and 17 years, the third was acquitted. The case was very reminiscent of the TV series Clan.

Just before they would hear their sentence after six days of assizes in Rouen, Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam expressed their regret on Saturday. “I am deeply sorry for the pain I caused everyone. I must be punished for this,” Vasselin said. “I am deeply sorry to Sliman, to his first wife, to his family and children,” Adam said.

Both French women had already admitted to killing 45-year-old Sliman Amara, Vasselin’s husband, before the trial and the popular jury was unrelenting. The women were found guilty and given prison sentences of 22 and 17 years. A third friend was acquitted.

Beaten up

The body of Sliman Amara was recovered from the Seine near the French city of Rouen on Sunday evening, November 4, 2018. The 45-year-old married car dealer and father of a 3-year-old son was horribly beaten. He had been decapitated and both his hands, one foot and one leg had been sawed off.

When the investigators found traces of blood in his home with his wife Céline Vasselin (34), she admitted the murder. “Yes, I killed my husband.” She cited verbal abuse and physical abuse as reasons for years. But it turned out she didn’t commit the murder alone. The investigators saw that Vasselin had called dozens of times on the night of the murder with a customer of her beauty salon and good friend: Jessica Adam (39). He also admitted everything very quickly.

Vasselin’s mother and another customer of the beauty salon, 51-year-old Isabelle Carrie, had also been aware of the murder plan for more than a month, the investigators discovered. Carrie has since died, the other client was acquitted at trial. The case brought back many memories of the TV series Clan.

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