French champion, a difficult goal for Donnarumma

As every time PSG leaves the Champions League prematurely, the rest of the season therefore seems very dull.

The Parisians are content to make the difference at the Parc des Princes, to sink slowly but surely towards the 10th title in their history. Of course, the meaning of reaching the decimal place in the list is not insignificant, and could very soon make it the most successful club in France. In this season when Paris SG will also have been able to tear themselves away to win many Ligue 1 matches in the last moments, the formation of Mauricio Pochettino will not have really had a competitor. At least for the moment because PSG still need to win several matches, including the clash against OM, to validate this title lost last year to Lille.

One of the objectives of the season about to be fulfilled

This is how, in an attempt to boost the morale of the troops and highlight the work of the season, Gianluigi Donnarumma broke the long silence since the elimination of Real Madrid. To evoke his disappointment at having failed in his mission against Real Madrid, but to recall that there was a national title to go for, and that it was one of the objectives of this season. Perhaps not the most dreamy one. “ Yes, it was hard, it was very hard. We understand the dissatisfaction of the supporters, but we also know that unfortunately, it’s football. We have to move forward and we are. It’s difficult, but in this team, there are only great players. We are all sad for the Champions League, but we also have to look to the future and finish this season well, give joy to our supporters, by rediscovering the pleasure of playing, and that is what we we are doing. We train well, we work hard. We are ready for this final rush, and to offer this ultimate moment of joy to our supporters. We must not forget that winning back the championship was also our objective and that it is not easy.warned the Italian goalkeeper, who will have a hard time convincing PSG supporters not to overuse this title, which is well on its way to being acquired with a sufficiently colossal workforce to win only that this season.

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