Frej celebrates his 80th birthday today: He received his first gift from Stašová!

The actress organized a secret celebration for him after the performance on the Golden Lake, but the birthday party could not have a drop of alcohol. He did not hide his emotion at the end of the performance, when the audience expressed respect for the actors and wished them for today’s birthday, and thus enjoyed one of the most beautiful moments the actor could wish for. “It was celebrated during the break even after the performance and it was perfect. Marika Procházková, who plays with us there, brought me a beautiful meat cake. It was such a sensational stuffing garnished with ham, salami, vegetables, a delicacy! ” said Aha! legendary Dr. Sova Jr. from the Hospital on the outskirts of the city.

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“I’m very happy that I can be his friend, that I can be close to him and that I can play with Lada in our beautiful comedy On the Golden Lake. Lada, good health and satisfaction, “ added Simon, who is not just Frej a colleague, but above all a friend who helped him in difficult life situations, when his fiancée Gabriela Mrkvicová († 56) died of cancer last summer.

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