Frederica Lima ‘rocks’ Big Brother after title “which does not correspond to the truth”: “Whoever sees it does not go to the song…”

Frederica Lima used Instagram stories this Tuesday, November 22nd, to comment on a news item related to Big Brother about the titles of the videos on the website of reality show from TVI which, sometimes, do not fully correspond to reality and, therefore, has been the reason for revolt on social networks.

The former contestant reacted to the indignation of those who watch the program on the TVI Reality channel and ended up launching a (new) ‘suspicion’ about this edition: “Anyone who sees 24h knows that this title is not true. One of two things: either the writer does not see the program or the videos, or he receives instructions to ‘transform’ the titles of the same“, he wrote.

Frederica Lima also left an appeal with a view to “improve” the status of the program: “We only ask for transparency and it is difficult to receive it. It’s been one after another: non-compliance with the maximum rule of the program, which is the prohibition of contact with the outside world (do you still need to know if it continues?), favoring cheating in tests made in front of everyone’s eyes“, he added.

🇧🇷Now it’s the titles of the videos that, as we all know, there are those who stick by the ‘fat’ and don’t bother to open them, ending up with a wrong perception of what is going on. Those who watch the 24h don’t go to the ‘song’, reality show it has to be transparent, that’s all we ask of you“, concluded the former competitor of this edition.

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