Frederica Lima ‘kills’ Cristina Ferreira after a message about “empathy”: “Tremendous disappointment…”

Cristina Ferreira is “under fire” on social media after having reacted for the first time to the controversy with Rúben and Tatiana Boa Nova, who were caught talking to their son in the confessional of the Big Brother house, in the final minutes of ‘Diário’ yesterday and also on your social networks.

Remember here: Cristina Ferreira ‘breaks the silence’ about scolding with Rúben and Tatiana Boa Nova with ‘message’ to critics

Frederica Lima wasted no time in reacting to the presenter’s words, especially for the message she left for critics: “It’s about empathy and humanity. They’re people. And we don’t know how to do it any other way form“, can be read at the end of his text on Instagram.

Without beating around the bush, the former contestant of this edition of Big Brother did not forgive: “I always admired and praised her in my silence. I confess that today I feel tremendous disappointment with myself and with everything that is happening. I will never flatter anyone, nor will I shut up or condone what they are doing“, he started by writing.

🇧🇷The truth, loyalty and humility to admit our faults are the only way to create and strengthen any connection/relationship whatever it may be. Nobody wants a perfect Cristina, but her viewers expected and deserved to see Cristina strong, fighter, leader, recognizing a mistake (which is not just hers)“, he added.

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