Frédéric Lopez upset by a Michaël Gregorio with a lump in his throat and unable to speak in "A Sunday in the countryside" : "I lost someone…"

Michaël Gregorio is back! This year, the famous singer-imitator with a thousand and one vocal cords is resuming his tour throughout France with his latest show. The Odyssey ofthe voice. A powerful show where he will pass from the velvet tones of jazz to Death Metal notes varying on pop, rock and even classical music. But this March 5, 2023, in front of the cameras of France 2, in the program A Sunday in the countryside presented by Frédéric Lopez, the virtuoso especially wished to return to his memories of the Bataclan, a hall he occupied for a long time and where he triumphed with his shows CONCERTS. A mythical place of the 11e Parisian district which, as we know, was the target of a murderous attack on November 13, 2015. Among the 130 people who died, one very close to the artist…

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“I lost someone the night of the attacks”

“Going back to play at the Bataclan was important for me, I think I played more than 110 times there.It’s my house. JI lost someone the night of the attacks and so it made me want to play again several times. The first time, there is a documentary on the Bataclan, on the performance hall. There are lots of artists who are questioned about their memories at the Bataclan and I arrive for the interview in the bar next door, the bar with the small barrels called “Apérock” and in fact there, I am seized and I can no longer speak at all. I realize that the last time I saw my friend was in this bar, so my throat is in knots. I really struggle to do the interview, then I go home.”, he says first. Then Michaël Gregorio continues: “Time passes and then it’s true that with the team, we say to ourselves that all the same, we would not like to leave this room. We want to regain some possession of the premises, so we all talk about it among ourselves and there, I know that I’m going back. I don’t go back there at all with a light heart, I say to myself: “Oh dear, it’s an anniversary show, it’s a party. How will it be taken?” Except that in fact I arrive, I push the door and I find technicians from the Bataclan, we take each other in our arms. There is the goalkeeper, there is Manu, there is everyone. And I say to myself: “Oh damn, this is actually my home!”. And the show begins with a video. And then I hear the first laugh in the room, a laugh that is powerful, and to hear laughter in this room… I didn’t know a laugh could be so overwhelming.” A poignant testimony tinged with this spirit of resilience that resonates like a tremendous surge of life.


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