Frans and Sonja have already gone on holiday 100 times thanks to a home exchange

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Sint Truiden

Frans Ooms and Sonja Henderix from Brustem are devoted to travelling. No country or distance is foreign to them. The couple has been touring the world for years at an affordable price. “We are fervent users of home exchange and a member of the exchange organization Intervac Belgium”, explains Frans. “Through that organization we contact one of the thousands of members worldwide and discuss when the home exchange can take place.”

The two have been doing this since 1988. During their trip, the couple stays in someone else’s house, while those people then stay in the house of Frans and Sonja. “During the stay, we are allowed to use all modalities of the house and sometimes even, for example, the car,” Frans continues. The couple is now on their 100th exchange. “That is why Jempi De Cooman, the chairman of Intervac, came to congratulate us with a special cake.”

The family also made the front page of the newspaper in 2004 when they exchanged their home through the organization with a Greek family in Saronida, 20 km south of Athens. During their three-week stay, they followed the Olympic Games in Athens for a cost of just 75 euros.(jcr)

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