Frankie Muniz talks openly about his health


The health of Frankie Muniz was news on more than one occasion and now the actor decided to tell in first person what his situation is. Details!

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Malcolm in the Middle
© IMDbMalcolm in the Middle

Frankie Muniz He starred in one of the most beloved shows on American TV: Malcolm in the Middle. The actor gave life to the third brother of a dysfunctional family who lives in the fictional location of “Three Counties”. The eldest son was sent to the military academy while Muniz’s character has to deal with the different situations that his “fun” environment proposes episode after episode.

Sadly this beloved actor suffered what was detailed at the time as strokes in 2012 and 2013. Apparently Frankie’s real health problem is a special case of “migraine”At least that’s what the doctors he consulted told him. “If you look for my name it says I have no memory and I am dying of spills. They basically say I’m dying ”, the interpreter remarked in amazement.

Frankie Muniz’s health

“I thought over many years why I have a bad memory. The only logical thing is that, yes, I had nine concussions “Muniz remarked and added that he does not want to blame this health problem but rather an unappealable reality: he had a life on the edge and does not remember every detail he experienced.

During your participation in the program Dancing with the Stars a section made reference to the best year lived by the actor. In this case in 2001, when he was nominated for the Emmy Y Golden Globes. However, Muniz said he did not remember all that well: “I don’t know how I felt back then. I can’t say what happened in 2001, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember anything “.

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The sad thing is that Muniz does not remember his time working in Malcolm in the Middle. “I almost feel like I’m not me and it makes me a little sad. Some things appear in my mind that I should have remembered. I did everything I wanted to do, but the truth is that I don’t remember much of it “said the interpreter. He recently had the experience of enjoying the TV show as a viewer and he really liked it!

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