Frank Delay of 2Be3 after two years of celibacy, he has found love again and is about to take a huge step!

Franck Delay from 2Be3, legendary group of the 90s, is now 48 years old. Dad of two children, Jay-Lee, born in 2001 and Kezian, who by the way is a bomb, in 2002, the former singer gave us an exclusive interview available in our paper version, on newsstands today, during which he confides having found love again after two years of celibacy. At the question “are you still a heart to take”Franck Delay replied that this was no longer the case “since april”. In love, he even prepares to cross a big step in his relationship. “I met someone, it’s going well, we plan to move in together”, did he declare. After a long period of celibacy, he is sure of himself: “Today, I think I’m finally settling down”.

We also know what Franck Delay is looking for in a woman, and therefore what has so much more for him in the lucky woman. “She has to understand my job, my movements, my way of working… I am in a seductive environment despite everything and I need this person to trust me, because yes, when we do a concert, we will at the hotel, many things can happen”, he explained. Before continuing: “She really needs to be sure of me. And then I need someone who supports me, gives me advice…” What does he need above all else? “I need gentleness, kindness”he added.

Franck Delay still mourns his friend Filip Nikolik, also a member of the boy band, who died in September 2009 in Paris. He paid him a beautiful tribute on Instagram last year. “Hi buddy, you’d be 47 today. I often think of you. You remember this photo taken in my apartment in Miami during the ‘Excuse My French’ album era. meeting all three first in a guest house of producer Desmond Child with Chris Willis for a year, then each in our apartments, we thought we could live in the American way but we quickly realized, that at the end for a moment we were going in circles!”, he joked in the caption of a photo in which we find the three members of the group, including Adel. He added a little anecdote to his tribute: “I remember when we were going to English class, sometimes you asked Adel and me to cover you because you preferred to be dropped off at the beach. I have the best memories of the 2be3 era . The more we talk about you the less we forget you. I kiss you wherever you are. Love you”.

Laura Bertrand

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