Francoise Hardy "does not have good health" : Thomas Dutronc gives news of his mother

Françoise Hardy has come a long way. Victim of lymphatic cancer, then cancer of the pharynx, the singer also fell into a coma in 2015 after a serious fall in hospital. Interviewed by the JDD on November 21, 2021, his son Thomas (fruit of his relationship with Jacques Dutronc) gave news of his condition: “Today I can say that if mom is not in good health, her life is not in danger. She had cancer but there is no recurrence. She is in remission. She herself tends to forget it because she has sequelae from her treatments, but she is in remission.”

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Announced dead this summer, the performer of the title Nobody else confided to Paris Match suffer every day because of the heavy treatments she had to take to treat her cancers. “Thanks to the rays and immunotherapy, I became deaf in one ear and my head is dry – throat, nose, mouth – I could never sing again“, she confided before adding that she was”without saliva for three years” due to “45 radiotherapy sessions“. “I constantly have respiratory distress, attacks of choking and suffocation, not to mention interminable nasal bleeding“, revealed the singer, aged 77.

In favor of euthanasia, she regrets not being able to resort to it in France if her suffering becomes truly unbearable. “When my condition becomes even more unbearable, I will, unfortunately, not have the relief of knowing that I can be euthanized. France is inhuman on this level“, she indicated.

Provident, she had also revealed to Gala have everything already prepared if its last hour arrives. “With the help of my lawyer, I wrote my will a few years ago. I hope to leave Thomas enough to pay the exorbitant inheritance costs that will be claimed from him, as well as the charges that a studio and an apartment where very close friends live will cost him.“.

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