François Hardy suffering from cancer, the latest news not reassuring on his fragile health: "She has sequelae"

Jacques and Thomas Dutronc are going on tour together next year. A common project that they dreamed of making a reality for a long time. It will now be done soon! “The idea of ​​playing together, we have had it for a long time,” confirms Jacques Dutronc to the “Journal du dimanche” during a cross interview. “I was asked to tour again, each time I answered no, because I no longer want”, he continues.

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Thomas Dutronc, who inherited artistic genes from both parents, takes advantage of every moment spent with them. Very close to his famous parents, Thomas Dutronc was also out of its hinges when a rumor had affirmed that his mother Françoise Hardy had died. “MY MOM ISN’T DEAD! I just had him on the phone just now,” he posted on his Instagram account to put an end to the rumor.

For several years now, Françoise Hardy has suffered from cancer of the lymphatic system and of the pharynx. Since 2018, she has also been treated for a cavum tumor. To heal herself, the singer underwent heavy radiotherapy. A treatment that causes many side effects. This is the case of Françoise Hardy who would not be in top form. “Today I can say that if Mum is not in good health her life is not in danger. She has had cancer but there is no recurrence. She is in remission. She- even tends to forget it because she has sequelae from her treatments, but she is in remission, “Thomas Dutronc told our colleagues at JDD this Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Very cash, Françoise Hardy had confided that she would think of being euthanized if her condition worsened. “I have nothing that works normally since these therapies and my nights are worse than my days. There is always worse than what one suffers from oneself, but it is not a consolation. (…) I do not believe that I would launch out too quickly in procedures related to euthanasia, if only because they are prohibited and that in my state of weakness and handicap, it would be difficult for me to carry out procedures whatever they are, “she confided to” Current Woman “.


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