Franco Monaco and Giulio Cavalli talk about the Constitution and the mafia at the party for the 10th anniversary of the reopening of the Anpi section of Opera

Franco Monaco And Giulio Cavalli are the guests of the party for the ten years since the reopening of the Anpi section from Operain the province of Milan, Sunday 15 May. The program will start from early afternoon to Multipurpose center from via Gramsci. From 3 pm the opening is dedicated to the ten years of life of the section and to the reference to the Anpi values ​​with institutional interventions and representatives of the provincial committee of the Association of partisans of Milan, the delivery of honorary cards the memory of the partisans of the Milanese town .

After a musical interlude by the students of the Opera middle school, it is scheduled at 5pm Born from the Resistanceinterview with Franco Monacoformer parliamentary of the center-left and exponent of the world of democratic Catholicism: his reflections on the Constitution will be stimulated by the questions of the editor-in-chief of Diego Pretini.

At 8.30 pm the program continues with the presentation of school works on legality projects in the presence of the Milanese association Peppino Impastato and Adriana Castelli. Finally, at 9.15 pm, the finale is reserved for the meeting with the anti-mafia journalist, writer and director Giulio Cavalli: the theme, also in this case, will be legality and the fight against organized crime.

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