Franciskao El Diex will have a series on YouTube

Gerard govea

More than a month after the death of the urban artist due to cardiac arrest Franciskao El Diex, a series will premiere in YouTube dedicated to the life of the Panamanian singer.

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“I have too much material for this to be just a movie, therefore this is going to be a series of several episodes. Subscribe on the YouTube channel, only subscribers will be able to access this content,” shared producer Davi Carlo Costello, who worked with Franciskao, was in charge of sharing this preview, where part of the artists’ journey in their musical career is shown, to Rolo de León talking about his career, mentioning artists such as EL Kid and El Roockie.

The last song recorded by Franciskao El Diex was “New York” with Italian Somali and in which Davi Carlo Costello also participated. He is also waiting for what Faster (Boza’s manager) can do with some audios he had from Franciskao.

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