Francisco Benítez revealed the strong advice that La Sole gave him in "The Argentine Voice": "He asked me that…"


2021 was a before and after in the life of Francisco Benitez. Coming from Colonia Tirolesa, Córdoba, until that year he was an employee of an electric company who decided to try his luck in the return of “The Argentine Voice”cycle that today triumphs in its second season. Today, an artist who has a lot to give, chatted with of his career, his single “La Flor”, which will be part of his debut album, and how he lives this beginning of a career that promises a lot.

When appearing on the Telefe program and beginning to sing “Everything Changes” in the blind auditions, only two verses were enough for him to move on to the next stage by convincing his talent to Ricardo Montaner. Seconds later, she wowed and thrilled the rest of the jurors. She chose Soledad Pastorutti as his coach and the rest is known history. Less than a year after becoming the winner of the contest, Benítez is now planning his next steps as an artist and has presented “La Flor”, his first single, which will be part of his debut album.

Remembering what he experienced in 2021, he gets excited: “It was something new, one does not expect these things to happen. I am living a new life, doing what I like, the truth. I did not expect everything that happened in the program and well, always learning. When I arrived to participate and at each stage everything surprised me, because I come from another life. And I was also surprised in this world how people receive you, how is the love they give you, how warm they give you and how they get excited with you, it’s unique “.

“La Flor” is the first song from this stage in his solo career. The theme was composed by the musical director of “La Voz Argentina”, who gave him the theme. “From him came the idea of ​​giving it to me so that I could interpret it and also add it to my album. That’s where it all started because, well, I had to start showing a little of my music. I listen to that song and I start to remember a lot where I wanted to get there. And seeing that all that effort is there put into song, it excites you. The meaning is beautiful, you feel that it was worth it. It is a beautiful beginning “says the vocalist excitedly.

Francisco Benítez prepares his first album after becoming famous in ' <a href=La Voz Argentina’.” data-height=”496″ data-size=”w:1150,h:767″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” /export/sites/cronica/img/2022/06/21/light.jpg_140025018.jpg” title=”Francisco Benítez is preparing his first album after becoming famous on ‘La Voz Argentina’.” vspace=”5″>
Francisco Benítez is preparing his first album after becoming famous in “La Voz Argentina”.

Since he appeared on the reality show, everyone knows that Francisco was linked to folklore. But now the challenge that he set for himself is to go elsewhere. “I would love to be able to go through other styles. I come from a folkloric environment but I am interested in people seeing that I can be versatile”, he maintains. Beyond doing versions of other artists, he is also committed to doing his own songs.

“I am entering a new environment, which is the subject of composition, which is not easy at all. I want the album to also have its own songs, it is a dream, and I would like people to know me more deeply that way”he continued.

In this short but intense path traveled so far, Francisco met many well-known colleagues with extensive experience. Although he had the opportunity to receive teachings from many, the most important advice was given to him by his coach: “La Sole asked me to dedicate myself to this, because I was born for this and told me to make the most of it. Keep going and don’t let go. I have that advice here, because someone already consecrated told me and it is a good boost. Someone who has made his career gives you that encouragement is very important. You have to keep putting him in because it’s a world that doesn’t stop, that’s what I’m realizing little by little. It doesn’t matter if I’m tired, I want to keep working.”

On the places he wants to go in the future, he concluded: “My dream is to make music with many artists. To be at my recital and for people to sing my songs. It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a child and I keep it here and work to make it happen.”


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