Francesco, attacked with a machete for having defended a young woman from the blows of her companion in Nandrin: “I could have lost my life there…”

We meet Pino Francesco at the pizzeria, more than a month after his attack with a machete. Still physically and psychologically marked by this episode, he returns with us to this evening of June 12.

That evening, he met his former employer at the pizzeria to discuss his return. “I was in the parking lot when I heard a young woman screaming for help,” says Francesco. The forty-year-old does not hesitate for a second to intervene and try to calm things down.

But, very quickly, things escalate. Francesco lands two punches on the young man. This did not calm his enthusiasm, quite the contrary. The latter returned to his vehicle and pulled out… a machete!

>> “He was aiming at my head, he wanted to kill me”: Francesco recounts this violent attack.

>> Incarcerated since the events, the defendant gives his version.

>> Here is what he risks before the criminal court.

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