Francesca Amadori fired by her father. And the grandfather comforts her on the phone

Francesca Amadori with her grandfather Francesco

Cesena, January 14, 2022 – Fired by her father. It is the substance of the facts in Amadori house, even if formally to sign the letter that distances Francesca Amadori, third generation in the company, from his role as marketing and communication director, was the CEO of the company Francesco Berti.

Francesca, who bears the name of her grandfather, it was he who asked for comfort on hearing him on the phone, as it does every day. It was known for some time that relations between father and daughter were no longer so idyllic, even if no one, and not even Francesca herself, imagined it would go that far.

That the reasons for the dismissal are not in her opinion to be sought in professional relationships, Francesca already let it be understood yesterday when she commented on the decision as follows: “A provision that I consider unfair and illegitimate and that it does not concern the violation of any company rule, finding on the contrary foundation in other logics that must be ascertained in the appropriate offices “.

Amadori, employment is also growing with Covid

This morning the mouths are sewn, but it seems certain that the new feud in the Amadori house has just begun. The previous one, at the end of the 90s, had led to the removal of Arnaldo, Francesco’s brother and co-founder, whose children are still in the company as well as Francesca Amadori’s husband. Maurizia Boschetti, mother of Francesca and first wife of Flavio, the current president, has no longer been a manager of the group for some time.

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