"France has become the Wild West" : Danielle Moreau and Matthieu Delormeau back on "TPMP"they denounce the increase in violence in the country

“France has become the Wild West”. By this sentence, Danielle Moreau did not think to arouse the indignation of the activist Hadama Traoré on the set of TPMP a few days ago. The entire team of Cyril Hanouna wanted to address a subject that is always more talked about over the years. Namely, insecurity in France. A debate that quickly turned sour when the columnist for the daily C8 gave his opinion on the matter. The day after his declaration, the activist was therefore on the set of Cyril Hanouna to exchange with Danielle Moreau.

“If I talked about France becoming the Far West, it’s because before it’s true that we still heard a lot of things in the suburbs, all that. There I have examples of things that are happening. In the metro, yesterday in the 7th arrondissement, there is a feeling of insecurity and impunity everywhere”explained the columnist of TPMP to his interlocutor who did not seem convinced by his remarks. Indeed, he then retorted: “It’s not France madam, it’s third parties who commit crimes, offenses or others, but to say that France has become the Far West indirectly there is a connotation of neighborhoods, cities, suburbs , downright even it is now said that the suburbs…”

Tense debate on TPMP

Danielle Moreau then cut Hadama Traoré to clarify her thoughts and explain: “Excuse me, I really haven’t thought of that. I’m thinking of the Wild West because it’s becoming widespread and it’s everywhere now and I feel insecure everywhere”. Once again, the activist asked more of the columnist to be convinced. Especially since he regrets that the images of insecurity are represented only by the suburbs and the housing estates: “Ah ok… Well, oddly in the report, we don’t see Marly-Gomont, we only saw neighborhoods in housing estates”.

Matthieu Delormeau then defended his colleague to make the TPMP guest listen to reason. “Even the machete attack not long ago, it didn’t happen in the 7th arrondissement of Paris either”he let go at first before defending himself: “we also watch what is happening all the time, we watch the news and we just allow ourselves to comment that, for the moment, the power is on the side of the thugs”. Cyril Hanouna tried to make everyone listen to reason, but everyone seemed to stick to their positions.

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