Four fawns and two goats saved from mowing in Chimay and Dinant by the ASBL “Save Bambi”: “Farmers are asking us more and more”

Every year during the field mowing season, thousands of fawns perish under the blades of the machines of the farmers, despite all the precautions that the latter can take.

▶▶ The non-profit association “Sauvons Bambi”, whose head office is in Eghezée, has found the way to preserve the fawns. Here’s how they do it.

▶▶ The team saved two pregnant goats in Dinant and four fawns in Chimay this week. Here is how many animals they had saved in 2021: “Farmers are asking us more and more”.

▶▶ The pace of interventions is sustained and yet, getting help is not easy for the association.


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