Fortnite: tornadoes and thunderstorms land in the game from Epic Games

By Laurent P. Posted on January 11, 2022 at 10:28 p.m.

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Fortnite continues to surprise players in this all-new chapter with the arrival of inclement weather – tornadoes and thunderstorms – in the new Update 19.01. We take stock!

Gamer friends fans of Fortnite, here is a small novelty which should arouse your curiosity and give you new perspectives of play … At the launch of chapter 3 of the Battle Royal, Epic Games revealed in its trailer the imminent arrival of the weather report in the software, showing in particular the severe weather, namely the tornadoes and thunderstorms

These bad weather are finally on the map! What is it about ? Regarding tornadoes, it is simply a flow of air allowing you to deploy your glider. Note that tornadoes have no effect on your avatar’s health, causing no damage. Regarding thunderstorms, note all the same some small damage due to lightning, igniting the point of impact, but these give you a particularly interesting speed bonus.

Bad weather arriving in the update 19.01, also in the company of a weapon which is back on the map: the high roller gun. Also note that a tornado week is organized until January 17, during which tornadoes will appear more regularly on the map, and more intensely. In short, enough to spice up your games with friends … At your controls!

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