Former Travessos, Rodriguinho recalls comparisons with Backstreet Boys: "I hated"

Daniela albuquerque receive in the “Sensational” this Thursday (11/18), at 10:30 pm, the singer-songwriter Rodrigo Fernando do Amaral Silva, O rodriguinho. In the attraction of TV network!, the former member of “the mischievouss” says that despite having been in the band for eight years, between 1996 and 2004, he didn’t think about being the frontman.

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“I didn’t think I could be a singer, I never liked to sing. I became a vocalist due to the group’s need, because the other one had a serious problem with drugs and had to leave”, declares he, who was previously responsible for playing the guitar, cavaco and guitar.

“I was taken by surprise, it was nothing preordained. We arrived at the show and the vocalist wasn’t there, and I was second in the scale of who sang”, he shares, revealing what it was like to go on stage for the first time as a singer. “It was a drug. The former singer was an artist, he had charisma. I didn’t have it.”

The ex-Travesso also remembers that at the time they performed around 30 shows a month, causing a stir wherever they went. The hit ”I’m Filming You (Smile)‘ stayed for five consecutive months as the most played in the country. “We became like a boyband, we would come in and call ourselves the ‘Pagode Backstreet Boys.’ I hated it,” he confesses.

Currently in a solo career, Rodriguinho says he is grateful for his trajectory of more than three decades in music and says he doesn’t think about leaving the stage anytime soon. “All I have is because of this. I might even do fewer shows, but I won’t stop.”

‘Sensacional’ is shown on Thursdays, at 10:30 pm, on RedeTV!.

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