Former Pineapple Woman puts the return to Carnival in doubt because of Covid: “Health in 1st place”

Godmother of the Unidos da Ponte Samba School, Marcela Porto, to eternal pineapple woman, said that he is in doubt about making his return to the avenue this year because of the new wave of cases of Covid-19.

“I’m scared to parade with this new wave of Covid-19 and Influenza. I love carnival. It is the biggest party on earth, it moves tourism and the economy. Furthermore, it is a culture that comes from the people. But health first of course”, he explained.

Owner of a transport company, she said she is waiting to see if there will be security on the avenue to decide whether to follow through with the parade plan.

“Let’s see how the control will be. If there is security, I parade. I’m against canceling just the carnival, we have to [ver se vão cancelar] church services, spiritist centers, concerts, football, nightclubs, bars and other crowded places. If only Carnival is canceled, it will be persecution with a culture of the people, something political”, he opined.

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