Former pastor becomes OnlyFans sensation and earns millions with sexy photos and videos

Former pastor of a church in the USA, Nikole Mitchell, 37 years old, changed his life and is now one of the biggest stars of the OnlyFans, platform you use to publish your sexy photos and videos and to chat with your fans.

She has been active on the profile for four years – with thousands of members who pay to see her content – she said she managed to achieve staggering earnings: 672,000 dollars, equivalent to 3.8 million reais in 2021 alone.

The revelation was made by herself, on her Instagram: “In 2018, I made $6,000 in my business. In 2019, I earned $60,000. That was already more than double what I earned at my highest paid job! In 2020, I earned US$238,000. In 2021? I won $672,000. I cried a lot last night when I saw the numbers,” she began.

Nikole says that he spent the beginning of his 20 years in the church and that he spent 6 years (from 2001 to 2007) without having romantic relationships, just taking care of the religious interests of the church and the community. After college, he entered seminary and felt he had “found his vocation.”

She got married, had three children, but ended up separating from her husband in 2017, the year she decided to “embrace her sexuality” instead of repressing it. Then came OnlyFans.

“Little Nikole, who was afraid to show herself but knew she could do a lot more than she was doing, did it. She did it! I still remember that $6,000. I earned that money, no boss gave it to me. I, Nikole, made that money and it was wonderful”, he continued.

Feeling from OnlyFans, she says that her family’s standard of living changed in the following year: “When I won the $60,000, my family’s quality of life completely changed. For the first time in a long while, we were able to pay all our bills and still take a vacation, the first in years. We stopped living off coupons and meal tickets”, he recalled.

She added: “When I made $238,000, we moved into a million-dollar house. It was a big leap, my receivings were better, everything was very expansive, exciting and light”, he celebrated.

“Last year I made $672,000, and that enabled me to have a team of six people working full time for me. I’m feeling great. For 2022? I want to hit the million dollar mark. I’m ready. When you want something and put it in your head, you are unstoppable”, he added.

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