Former M5S voters will never forgive Di Maio and Grillo for the Draghian turnaround

by Pietro Francesco Maria De Sarlo

In the five referendums of 2011 the turnout was 57%time of 21%. The issues: no to nuclear power, no to the privatization of local public services, including water, and no to legitimate impediment. They all won with percentages around 95%.

After eleven years, the government proposes the production of nuclear energy and the 2022 Competition bill the privatization of local public services, but I imagine only those that are profitable. In 2018 73% of Italians went to the polls for political elections: the result was a clear no to European policies based on rigor and an equally strong and clear no to the ruling class of the country which had created a huge increase in poverty without raising the fate of public finance. Was the sovereign people wrong? I do not think so.

Monti himself on the Corriere della Sera of November 13, 2021 he wrote: “In the past, Europe asked us all this but, also pushed by the ECB, in particular with the letter of August 2011 to the Berlusconi government, it deprived us of financial oxygen to make reforms more socially acceptable “. The letter cited was signed by Mario Draghi and that letter, as clarified in the annex to the 2017 Pnrr of the Gentiloni government, cost us 300 billion of GDP from 2012 to 2015 alone.

Draghi made the ECB docile instrument in the hands of the Eurogroup, which implemented, together with the Troika composed of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and from Regling’s ESM, an aid plan for Greece which would be more correct to define a plan of sanctions with devastating effects on a member state. Since then, Europe has been scary. Was the Italian people wrong to discourage both the ruling class and Europe? Everyone thinks as they believe but the sense of 32.7% given to the M5S was just that.

Who governs the country and Europe today? Draghi, and Christine Lagarde is at the ECB. And with the support of who Draghi is Prime Minister? Of the M5S, inter alia.

It must have seemed like a good idea to the newspapers of the eternal parlor the press campaign continues against the M5S with the intent of destroying it and with it the so-called populism and perhaps it will have seemed a good idea to President Mattarella to act as a bank for Renzi to bring Draghi to Palazzo Chigi. But to all those who voted for M5S with the clear objectives of changing the system, all this seemed to be an emptying of their vote and of the very meaning of democracy. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that there is a power group of the liberal right supported, and which supports, the Democratic Party which, regardless of the electoral result, feels the right / duty to govern.

Otherwise how are we to interpret the grotesque representation that a trio of octogenarians (Mattarella, Draghi and Amato) is the only resource for the future of the country? And Di Maio, on which he has focused on the press, the lounges and part of the Democratic Party? But seriously some believe he still has it a residual credibility in the M5S electorate? Former M5S voters see him and Grillo as responsible for the Draghian turnaround, they will never forgive them! I’m sorry for Conte, he would have done better to be Cincinnato, and then the savior of the country, or to join his own party. The miracle of restoring credibility to the Movement is also impossible for him.

Will the M5S wreckers reap the consensus? Will the alliance with the Democratic Party, rightly or wrongly considered the party of the system right, at least convince the left-wing voters who voted 5S to vote for it? I do not believe. I think people are now convinced of the uselessness of the voteso much to govern there will always be the usual suspects for the usual interests and in addition there is the feeling that the real power lies among the European bureaucracies that dictate the line to governments.
At Politics 2023, if all goes well, 50% will vote. The spread is on the rise and Draghi will leave us a country in greater difficulty than the one he inherited. An explosive situation, mutatis mutandis, also in France where 47.51% voted. God help us.

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