Former gas station attendant accuses ex-BBB of having leaked his OnlyFans nudes: “I lost a lot of money”

Content creator for OnlyFansthe naturist Natasha Steffens20, went viral in WhatsApp and Telegram groups in the last week after having some videos he shares on the platform leaked.

The former gas station attendant said she turned to a lawyer to try to find out who distributed the content without her permission. Exclusively to CENAPOPshe claims that an ex-BBB wanted to harm her after getting dumped by her:

“I found out that my videos were leaked in 63 Telegram groups and everything indicates that it was the same person. I was in shock when I discovered all this. I talked to my lawyer, let’s take legal action. This is a crime,” she began.

The influencer added: “I think he did it for revenge, he didn’t accept that I gave up and stopped following his profile. The same day I saw that I had joined my OnlyFans. He signed my content just to expose me. For me he is the culprit, I will take action,” she revealed.

Natasha went on to say that she felt exposed, and revealed that she lost money as her content was exposed.

“The person totally exposed me in a very cruel and low way, really wanting to hit me. And in a way, it did. I had a huge financial loss. I lost a lot of guts. I live off my content, I live off OnlyFans. I was very shaken,” she pointed out.

She continued: “It’s hard to deal with haters, piracy and especially with mean people like this ex-BBB. We’ve traced the messages and everything indicates it was him. He acted maliciously, in a cruel way. Many men haven’t learned to hear no, especially when they come up with absurd and indecent proposals. He did it for revenge. Since he wanted to get to know me and I dumped him, he did it to mess with me,” she argued.

The content creator said she will go to court for compensation. In addition, she has already notified dozens of groups about the removal of the content. The scenes even ended up on sites abroad.

Former gas station attendant, Natasha earns on OnlyFans showing her daily life at the naturist club where she lives, in southern Brazil. Encouraged by her family, she launched herself on the platform during the pandemic and saw her life change for the better: “Today I have freedom and independence. And none of that is going to make me give up. I am investing and soon I will start to undertake,” she added.

Profit of BRL 500 thousand

Natasha said that she is earning high on OnlyFans. Former gas station attendant, the content creator had a salary of R$ 1,200 a month. On the platform, she has already earned BRL 500,000 in subscriptions.

The secret, according to her, is to provoke the imagination: “The idea is to provoke and make the fans very close, as if they were there with me at the time of the video, watching me and touching me. That’s the secret,” she explained.

Well positioned in the world ranking of the platform, she said that she intends to invest the money in another branch: “I’m making the most of it, especially with this boom because of the celebrities who joined OnlyFans. I want to use it as a bridge to other projects,” she continued.

One such project is a naturist inn. Living in a naturism club, she said that she has witnessed unusual situations:

“Many men who go for the first time are more excited, and that cannot. The rule does not allow anyone to get excited in public, this generates expulsion,” she concluded.

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