Former DR profile throws himself into wild project: Has taken a loan in the apartment – will climb the world’s largest mountains

Do you remember ‘him with your teeth’ from the second season of ‘Married at First Sight’?

Jakob Bay, who in 2014 participated in DR’s popular marriage experiment, is today no longer married to his TV wife Katrine. In return, he has embarked on a new, wild adventure.

In addition to having his characteristic crooked teeth straightened, he has set out to carry out ‘The Seven Summits’, which involves climbing the highest mountains on the world’s seven continents.

“I was always told I would not turn into anything when I was growing up. Neither at home nor at school, and it has created a drive in me to accomplish something great. It started with a little run and has now developed quite wildly, “says Jakob Bay, who is currently on his way to Argentina to climb South America’s highest mountain, Aconcagua.

Jakob and Katrine got married in the second season of 'Married at First Sight' in 2014. They stayed together throughout the program, but in early 2015, they separated again.

Jakob and Katrine got married in the second season of ‘Married at First Sight’ in 2014. They stayed together throughout the program, but in early 2015, they separated again.
Photo: DR

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He did not really care about the attention that followed in the wake of ‘Married at First Sight’.

But now that he had become ‘known from television’, he could just as well use it for something positive, and therefore he founded the charity project ‘FundRacers’, where he, among other things, by running marathons has raised over a million kroner to the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

And the latest initiative to create awareness about the project is the upcoming mountain adventure, which only six Danes have completed before.

“It has evolved into a passion project. And since I do not have children, I have plenty of time for that, just as my work is well supported, «says Jakob Bay, who lives in Copenhagen on a daily basis and works as product manager for the telecommunications company 3.

Jacob Bay will climb the world's highest mountain on every continent in the world.

Jacob Bay will climb the world’s highest mountain on every continent in the world.
Photo: Private photo

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In addition to regular fitness training, he often goes on long walks with heavy packing to train up. But mountaineering at several thousand meters altitude is not harmless.

In the autumn, for example, Jakob Bay was on a ‘training trip’ in Nepal, where several climbers lost their lives.

He explains that the mountain, called Mera Peak, is technically a ‘easy’ mountain to climb, but when storms broke out at the top, another group of 12 climbers disappeared.

“After five days, ten of them were found alive, but the last two did not survive. One was found dead of altitude sickness, while the other was never found, “says Jakob Bay, who on his own ascent was affected by altitude sickness and only managed the top in the second attempt.

Jakob Bay on his 'training trip' to Nepal.

Jakob Bay on his ‘training trip’ to Nepal.
Photo: Private photo

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“When you hear about the other climbers who disappear, you rethink whether it’s a good idea to do it yourself. I had an experienced guide with me, so I felt in good hands, but I wrote home that if they read about deaths on the mountain, then it was not me, “he says and adds:

“Luckily we had enough days to wait for the weather to be good. You should never go up in a storm. “

He pays for the mountaineering out of his own pocket and estimates that he has so far spent 150,000-180,000 kroner on his trips to Nepal as well as his upcoming trips to Argentina, France and Russia.

‘I get no money out of it at all. All profits go to charity. And for the last trip, I have had to take out a loan for my apartment, “explains Jakob Bay, who dreams of the great ultimate goal: Mount Everest.

“It could be cool to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain in 2023. It can easily cost half a million kroner, so I’ll probably have to find a sponsor there,” Jakob Bay concludes.

Today, he prefers to keep his love life private. His former TV wife Katrine lives today in Aarhus, where she is expecting her and her boyfriend Jeppe’s second child.

Jakob Bay i Nepal.

Jakob Bay i Nepal.
Photo: Private photo

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