Former DR host has become a mother again a month ago: ‘Tinder’ app determines the baby’s name

Last month, Sofie Østergaard became a mother for the third time.

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The 39-year-old host already has sons Villy at five and Geo at four with his fiancée, journalist and former investigator Sebastian Richelsen, and now there is also a little girl in the family at home in the villa on Amager.

‘She has been absolutely superb, she is so sweet. She just gets sweeter with each passing day. This is the third time, so it should not come as the biggest surprise, but it does anyway, “says Sofie Østergaard.

“This time it has not only been for me and Sebastian, but to a large extent also for her two big brothers, who just love her. We had talked a bit about that after a week or two, the news value might have gone out a bit, but it’s still in the morning that they come in: ‘Where’s little sister? I have to say good morning! ‘. It is very, very nice, “says the proud mother.

Sofie Østergaard and Sebastian Richelsen on the red carpet at the Zulu Awards in KB Hallen on Thursday 29 April 2021.

Sofie Østergaard and Sebastian Richelsen on the red carpet at the Zulu Awards in KB Hallen on Thursday 29 April 2021.
Photo: Martin Sylvest

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But what the little new one should be called is not yet in place.

“We do not know. We were sure it was a boy, “says Sofie Østergaard.

“We have found that with three children, it is rare that Sebastian and I just sit down and say, ‘Well, what then, honey, what should the child be called?’. But we have found such an app where you can swipe – just like Tinder – then you will be told if you have a match. So if we just have a free moment or sit on the toilet, then we just look at it, “she adds with a laugh.

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Therefore, the family is initially on nickname with their newest little member.

‘We call her Bobo. My youngest, Geo at four, he calls her baby boss, and the oldest is more just baby, ”explains Sofie Østergaard.

However, it will probably not be any of the three names that the couple ends up going with as the daughter’s official name.

“I’ve been in and researching it, and you’re allowed to be called Bobo, but I’m not sure Sebastian is in it,” the TV host concludes with a laugh.

On a daily basis, Sofie Østergaard hosts the Radio4 program ‘Surplus’, and she has previously hosted DR programs such as ‘Gold in the market towns’ and ‘Versus’, as well as not least a child host on DR Ultra, Ramasjang and MGP. In addition, she runs a dance studio north of Copenhagen.

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