Former doctor from Blue Code Marika Procházková: She lost 30 kilos!

Everyone knows her from the series as female blood and milk. But that’s over. Marika is almost unrecognizable today. “I lost almost thirty kilos. I used the pandemic to take care of my body. As the theaters were closed and I wasn’t filming anything, I finally got some sleep, started cooking and eating regularly, walking a lot, and the pounds flew off,” confided Aha! actress.

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Wrinkles did not increase

Slender legs, no marks on the belly and what’s more, she looks like a girl in the face. At the same time, when someone of her age loses so many kilograms, it usually reflects badly on her face. She looks torn, wrinkles stand out more… But that’s not the case with Marika. “I guess I’m lucky, but I don’t think about it that way. The greatest happiness for me now is that my mother, who was bedridden for a long time, has recovered. That makes me really happy,” she added with a smile Walking.

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