Former competitor makes (new) complaint after accident with Mafalda Diamond: “I told the production several times…”

Last Saturday, November 19th, Mafalda Diamond experienced a (great) scare moment at the Big Brother house as she saw the wardrobe door of one of the bedrooms fall on top of her and take her to the floor.

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The moment, of visible distress, quickly went viral on social media, made news in Brazil and prompted an official reaction from both the competitor’s family and Endemol, producer of the reality show from TVI.

Mafalda Diamond was duly assisted and, in the aftermath of the episode, several former competitors used social networks to denounce that the door in question had already caused problems in the past.

In addition to Frederica Lima, Bruno Almeida used the social network Twitter to warn that the complications had apparently been coming since Big Brother 2021: “This was avoidable. He told production several times that those giant doors couldn’t be in micro gutters. These doors are always moving out of place! But then I was the one who complained about everything… It’s strange that it didn’t happen sooner. Does anyone know how she is?“, wrote the former competitor.

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