Former clothing store worker explains why you should wash your new clothes before wearing them

Around the world, millions of people buy clothes to release them in each season of the year, but a former worker of this type of business from the USA has become trend of social networks What TikTok to ensure that before wearing your new clothes, it is important that, first of all, you wash them. Why? In this note you will know all the details.

Encouraged by the manager

Our protagonist is called Dana and shared his experience with his audience, in which he tells us that at the time he worked in a clothing store “Nameless” where do you ask to wear before new items go through the washers.

The girl tells us that when she was working in the establishment, her manager encouraged staff to wear the fashion items as the latest collections in the storebut, many of these did not buy them, but simply, and as incredible as it may seem, they borrowed them from the coat rack when it was their turn.

Borrowed and returned to the counter

“What happened is that we went to the store, we chose what had not yet been sold, we’d take the tag off, put it on and work our shift. We worked all day. We were sweating and, at the end of the day, we would take off our clothes, put the labels back on and return them to the store”he recounted.

And I add: “I always thought this was really gross. Didn’t know other stores did too. So, I guess this is my PSA for doing laundry after you buy it. Because they are not as clean as you think”.

Similar experiences

The video, immediately, is accumulating thousands of reproductions with a similar number of comments, many of them sharing similar experiences: “The store I worked for steamed the clothes before putting them back in storage. Which is good. I told the client once, he was supposed to do that”, “customer asked what size I was wearing, I ‘checked’ in the back only to change to a larger size so she could try mine without her knowing”, “Yes, this is the same thing my job does. I also work in a clothing store. However, I think most clothing stores do this.”.

For their part, other users were completely terrified by the fact that people they will not wash the new clothes: “Some people don’t wash their clothes after buying them?”, “I always wash them because a lot of people will have tried them on. But this is a new factor..

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