Forest fire near an ammunition depot in Berlin is under control

Law enforcement and firefighters only deployed armored vehicles to the area as a precaution. Robots were also used to fight the flames.

Once the explosives experts have a clear idea of ​​the situation, firefighters can enter the site and the highway and the nearby railway line can be reopened.

The depot contains nearly thirty tons of ammunition from the Second World War and a few hundred kilos of fireworks.

In total, nearly 50 hectares caught fire. Some 500 police officers and 150 firefighters are mobilized on the ground. However, the fire would pose no danger to residents.

The causes of the fire are currently unknown. The police are trying to determine if he could be of criminal origin.

Berlin has 29,000 hectares of forest, making it one of the most forested capitals in the world. Several forest fires have already broken out in the Brandenburg region, around Berlin, since the beginning of the summer. One of them ravaged more than 850 hectares. Southeastern Germany, on the border with the Czech Republic, has also been fighting forest fires for several days.

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