For the platinum anniversary: ​​Queen grants insight into jewelry box

For the platinum anniversary
Queen grants insight into jewelry box

The Queen is regularly seen wearing brooches – now there are five in one exhibition.

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Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her platinum jubilee this year. On this occasion, she grants a look into her jewelry box.

Queen Elizabeth II (96) opens her jewelry box: As part of her platinum anniversary, the Queen lends some personal pieces to the Royal Collection Trust. They are to be exhibited in various palaces of the royal family in the summer, says the official website. In addition to several brooches and a diadem, special items of clothing will also be made accessible to the public.

Queen’s Special Brooches

The Queen’s coronation gown, complete with purple velvet robe, and a total of five brooches will be on display at Windsor Castle from July 7th to September 26th. These include the maple leaf brooch worn by Queen Elizabeth II on her first visit to Canada in 1951. Both Duchess Camilla (74) and Duchess Kate (40) have already worn the brooch. Also on display is the flamboyant lily brooch worn by the Queen on her mourning gown when she received news of her father George VI’s death. returned to Britain from Kenya in 1952.

At Buckingham Palace, the famous diamond tiara is displayed alongside official portraits of the Queen. The British Royal Palace has it open his official Instagram account already announced. The crown is regularly worn by the Queen at the opening of Parliament.

Also part of the exhibition: an emerald necklace that the monarch inherited in the year of her coronation. The important jewels can be admired from July 22nd to October 2nd.

From July 3rd to September 25th, visitors to Edinburgh’s Holyrood Palace can see dresses worn by the heads of the British royal family on their previous anniversaries. A selection of gifts will also be on display, some of which have been presented at official appearances in Scotland.

These are the plans for the Platinum Jubilee

The culmination of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations is scheduled for June 2-5. On June 2nd, the traditional military parade “Trooping the Color” takes place for the Queen’s birthday. For this occasion, the royal family is expected on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

A thanksgiving service will follow on June 3rd at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The horse derby at Epsom Downs is planned for June 4th, followed by a platinum party at Buckingham Palace in the evening. On the last day of the anniversary weekend, June 5th, the big anniversary dinner is on the agenda.


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