For the first time ever: Prince Charles has spoken for his mother – but does not mention her health problems

For the first time in almost 60 years, Queen Elizabeth was not present at the opening of the British Parliament.

On Tuesday afternoon, her son, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, instead of reading her traditional speech for the first time ever, as the queen herself – as on several occasions recently – has had to cancel due to “episodic mobility problems”.

However, Prince Charles did not mention these health problems when he read the speech aloud, writes Sky News.

Here he merely told that his mother the Queen was very much looking forward to the coming festivities in connection with her 70th regent’s anniversary.

However, the speech – written by the British government and outlining the legislation that the government intends to follow in Parliament next year – was not without changes.

The future king of Great Britain had changed a few words, such as ‘my government’ to ‘her majesty’s government’.

Prince Charles did not make the traditional reading from the Queen’s usual throne either, but from his own throne in the Parliament.

Still hesitant Sky News‘Royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills does not call Prince Charles’ reading “a defining moment for the monarchy, as we see the Queen hand over her responsibilities.”

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