For the first time, Athena will be celebrated with a new title: ‘You will always be our princess’

The day has come when Countess Athena turns the famous 11 years old.

The Royal House has for the first time used the new titles for Prince Joachim’s children in a post on social media, after the Royal House announced in September that it would change the titles from princes and princesses to counts and countesses.

“Her Excellency Countess Athena has a birthday and turns 11 today,” reads the Royal Palace notice.

But many Danes are not quite ready to give up the title of princess.

In comments on both Facebook and Instagram, it sounds like Countess Athena is still referred to as a princess by many.

“Congratulations, fairest Princess Athena. At home, you will never be anything other than just that,’ writes one.

“Once a princess … always a princess. Happy birthday,” wrote another.

“Happy birthday Princess Athena. Always a princess,’ says a third.

Prince Joachim’s children officially lost their titles on January 1, but have not yet changed them in the CPR register.

According to Helle Løvgreen von Wildenrat, who is the spokesperson for Count Nikolai and Felix’s mother, Countess Alexandra, it is due to their relatives that the two counts had planned several trips, where it was necessary for them to use their old passports, where they are called ‘ Prince’.

“Some trips have been booked for the boys. There they bear the old name and title. They must have the journeys over, and when the planned journeys are over, they will change their names,’ it read.

BT has asked the Royal House when the titles will be officially changed at the latest, but they did not want to answer that, as according to the communications department they ‘consider it private’.

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