For the 30th GZSZ anniversary: ​​Set photo appeared! Is Alex coming back for the anniversary?

Current GZSZ news in the GALA ticker: Set photo by Wolfgang Bahro and Clemens Löhr attracts the attention of the fans +++ Vildan Cirpan causes a stir with her downside.

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May 10, 2022

For the GZSZ anniversary: ​​reunion between Jo Gerner and Alex

On June 19, 2020, GZSZ fans had to say goodbye to Alexander Cöster – played by Clemens Löhr, 54, forever. The neighborhood darling died a serial death after being hit by a truck. Especially his partner Maren (Eva Mona Rodekirchen, 45) and his buddy Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro, 61) found it difficult to say goodbye. A photo has now been published on the official Instagram account that shows Clemens Löhr and Wolfgang Bahro together. Further recordings show the actor in his main role at the GZSZ-Kiez. Are some hopes of a comeback coming true now? Fans are emotional about the pictures.

“I miss him very much,” writes a user. “Very sad that he is no longer there,” says another. The community agrees: “He’s missing so much from GZSZ.” However, viewers should wait in vain for a comeback in view of the GZSZ special for the 30th anniversary. Since leaving the soap, Clemens Löhr has worked exclusively behind the camera on the GZSZ set.

May 9, 2022

Special holiday greetings: After leaving GZSZ, Vildan Cirpan enjoys the sun in a tight bikini

Vildan Cirpan, 31, became known at GZSZ as Nazan Akıncı. A month ago, the actress surprisingly left the soap. Since then, the 31-year-old has been sharing sunny holiday greetings from Sri Lanka or Mallorca on Instagram. But her new photo particularly stands out and makes one or the other fan’s eyes widen: in a tight bikini she shows her backside. Apparently with relish, she runs along the beach in the picture, her dark, wet hair falling down her back. No wonder that her male fans in particular are blown away by this snapshot. The comments on the picture say, for example: “dream woman”, “very pretty” or even “wellness for the eyes”. But there is also encouragement from her former GZSZ colleagues. Valentina Pahde, 27, Gamze Senol, 29, and Chryssanthi Kavazi, 33, add fire emojis to their comments, making it very clear: the picture is hot!

For this photo, Vildan also reveals from which city her followers can expect more such snapshots from her soon: Her next vacation is going to Turkey, for the first time in four years, as she writes. “I’m sooooooooo looking forward to Istanbul,” announces the actress with Turkish roots.

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