For Rishi Sunak, candidate for the succession of Boris Johnson, China is the number one threat” for world security

” Enough is enough. For too long British and Western politicians have rolled out the red carpet and turned a blind eye to China’s outrageous activities and ambitions,” Mr Sunak said on Sunday. “I will change that on the first day of my mandate. »

Earlier, Sunak’s opposing candidate, Liz Truss, a former foreign minister, had accused him of taking a weak stance on China and Russia.

One of the steps Mr Sunak says he wants to take against China is to shut down Britain’s 30 Confucius Institutes, which he says are being used by China to exert influence through programs cultural and linguistic. Mr. Sunak also wants to “drive China out of our universities” by forcing higher education institutions to disclose foreign donations of more than 50,000 pounds (58,750 euros).

Mr Sunak also wants to use the British intelligence service MI5 to counter Chinese espionage and create a “NATO-like” alliance to deal with Chinese threats in cyberspace.

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