"For once, we really have nothing to do" : Guillaume Genton balances on this columnist of "TPMP" with whom he has "fewer affinities"

The show TPMP can be considered a business. Indeed, as in the office, the columnists present are not all friends with each other even if they rub shoulders every day of the week. And it is probably not Guillaume Genton who will say the opposite. The member of Cyril Hanouna’s team gave an interview to our colleagues from Purepeople a few days ago and took the opportunity to reveal the names of the columnists with whom he gets along the best, as well as the person he was least close to.

Without jargon, the host swayed that it was Danielle Moreau with whom he shared the least. “There, for once, we really have nothing to do. She is very nice, but we have less affinity”he confessed to our colleagues, giving a few reasons that may explain their lack of complicity: “We are not at all the same age. We are very different”.

Danielle Moreau, the least close to Guillaume Genton

However, the one who was tackled by Maeva Ghennam finds something positive in this lack of affinity: “But that’s also what makes TPMP strong, it’s having very different people who come together to talk about current issues”. The columnist of TPMP pursued and assured despite everything that there is “person i hate”.

What about the member of Cyril Hanouna’s team to whom he is closest? This one is close to Danielle Moreau during the dailies since it is about Raymond. “He’s really my friend”he assures before adding: “Apparently, we are completely different. We have already done a lot of restaurants together”. The two go out very often together and it has even happened to them “to go to clubs together when I never go to clubs. And people are hallucinating to see us together, because we have nothing to do on paper. We love each other crazy, we went on vacation together this summer.

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