For love! That is why Manuel Denniger left BTN

Why did Manuel Denniger (31) leave Berlin – day & night and the capital at all? Last year the actor turned his back on the previous evening series after around six years in the role of Rick to move to Cologne – a shock for many fans! But his exit should not last: The series favorite has just returned to “Berlin – Day & Night”. A question that many fans are sure to ask: Why has Manuel quit the soap originally? And why did he change his mind?

Im Promiflash– Interview he now reveals: He said “Berlin – Day & Night” for love! “My husband Chris and I made the decision to leave Berlin together. For a very simple reason: My husband got a cool job offer in Cologne”, described Manuel. “It was immediately clear to me that he had to do it. Why should I only think of myself and my business? So we got our hands on it and went to Cologne.”

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And how did he feel at the time with the decision to leave the series and his colleagues behind? “At first it was cool to get a break from my role. Six years is a hell of a long time.”, revealed Manuel. “But I realized very quickly that I miss my job very much: Playing every day and slipping into a different role is more than cool. And of course I missed my work colleagues. La familia!” In addition, Cologne just didn’t feel like home for him and Chris.

Manuel Denniger and his husband Chris

Instagram / manuel_denniger

Manuel Denniger and his husband Chris
Chris and Manuel Denniger at their wedding
Manuel Denniger, "Berlin - Day & Night" actor

Instagram / manuel_denniger

Manuel Denniger, “Berlin – Day & Night” actor

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