"For him we don’t exist…"the sister of comedian Mustapha El Atrassi makes disturbing secrets about the ex-acolyte of Laurent Ruquier!

Mustapha El Atrassi is about to bow out. To the chagrin of his fans, the main interested party continues the last dates of his show “Game Over”. In front of his audience, the ex-companion of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine gives himself unvarnished on his job which is not always easy. To everyone’s surprise, the comedian recently made a shocking announcement…

“It’s really the last time we see each other the brothers. It was time for me to put a full stop to this parenthesis”, he acted, specifying that ” this job [le] mess up inside » : “It’s a big fight to get there, every day, it’s not a normal job. I did it with all my heart, maybe too much […] It’s time for me to laugh a little and I think it’s your turn to cry.

But his decision was obviously not easy to make. “ If I let emotion take precedence over this situation, I would tell you in one sentence that I will miss you., added Mustapha Al Atrassi, moved. Besides his career, his private life has often intrigued the media. A few years ago, his sister Amale El Atrassi made some intriguing revelations about him.

“My family has only to write a book or produce a show…”

Through his book “A Muslim wolf”, the young woman evokes their childhood punctuated by family dramas. She also talks about the abuse they allegedly suffered. According to him, their father was violent and alcoholic. Amale El Atrassi would have lived a long crossing of the desert before rebuilding. Over time, the famous animator would also have moved away from his family to the chagrin of the author.

“For him, we do not exist”, she confided to our colleagues from Closer as pointed out by Women’s Journal.“Mustapha has never taken his nephews and nieces to Disneyland, even though he has year-round invitations. To a journalist who asked him why he never talked about his family, he replied: ‘My family has only to write a book or produce a show. Only then will I bother to talk about it’…” Vibe…


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