For four weeks, the body of Martine’s father remained in the morgue because of an error: “It was a lack of respect, it broke my mother”

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Peter Edwards, known as Shaker, died on November 18 from a heart attack. He was 73 years old. The Simplicty Cremations funeral service assured Martine that her father’s body would be cremated within four weeks and that the ashes would be returned to her no later than December 21.

But when she called the company back on that date, they said they had no idea where her father was. The family contacted University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, where Peter Edwards died, and the hospital confirmed his body was still in their mortuary.

According to Martine Barnhouse, Simplicity Cremations also failed to notify the Cardiff funeral home, which should have been contacted to have the documents relating to the funeral ceremony signed.

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Upon calling the cremation company back, she was assured that the error was due to a payment issue and that she should speak to the company’s account manager. “But I knew that I had paid this money that day, because it had been withdrawn from my bank account,” she told the English media. It was by insisting that she was finally told that someone else would call her back to sign the cremation documents.

“They took my father’s contact details, they went to the hospital and asked for the death certificate, they took my money and they stopped there, they didn’t do anything. And my father was in the hospital for four weeks. Martine said that when she was able to reach the accounting department, no employee showed an “ounce of empathy”.

A shock for the family

She got a refund at her request, which is still being processed, but for her, that’s not the point. “It’s not about money. It is about the dignity and disrespect for my father. Knowing that your father was treated that way, that he was forgotten by a trusted company, is a disrespect to anyone’s parents and family members. It broke my mother. I had to phone the doctor for her today. She was doing so well before all this. She is disgusted and incredulous that someone could do this to my father. “

“We sincerely apologize for the upheaval Ms. Barnhouse and her family have suffered as a result of the late cremation of the late Mr. Edwards,” said Andrew Judd, funeral director at Dignity, the company of which Simplicity Cremations is a part. “We know that is not enough to alleviate the pain of not having your ashes at home for Christmas, but I am personally engaging with Ms. Barnhouse to offer our support where possible at this time. “

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