For fear of needles, this man did not dare to be vaccinated, he finally died of Covid: “He sincerely believed that he was going to survive”

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“Stewart was terrified of needles. Seriously, in 25 years he’s had a single blood test, ”his wife Bec told The Sun. “He avoided going to the doctor in case they needed a blood test, but the truth is, Stewart hasn’t been sick in the 25 years I’ve known him. He was in good shape, he sincerely believed that he was going to survive this virus because he was in good health. Before he was intubated, he said to me: ‘There is nothing to worry about. I’ll manage to deal with that. I just need a little rest. ‘ “

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The 51-year-old man had also posted a message on social networks to give his news a week after contracting the Covid. “Well, for those who don’t yet know, at the start of last week I (along with the rest of the family) tested positive for old COVID! The kids are fine, but Bec and I have been hit the hardest. He then posted a picture of himself on a ventilator a few days later. He finally passed away on January 6.

Stewart Gilray was known for starting his own independent video game development company, Just Add Water, in 2006. His studio has been involved in the development of recent hits, including remasters of the Oddworld series, a video game adaptation of the series. Doctor Who and a VR edition of the Sniper Elite shooter.

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