For 4 years, Marion, with Down syndrome, has been living a waking dream: she flourishes as a childminder at Berloz, “a real passion for her”

The life of Marion Mertens, a 26-year-old Hannutoise, is absolutely incredible and proves that anything is possible. Suffering from trisomy 21, a syndrome that causes intellectual disability and retarded psychomotor development, she has worked for four years in her former school in Berloz, where she did all her primary education.

She was actually hired as a volunteer maternal assistant to help the teachers on a daily basis.

“Basically, we started with one or two days a week, but we quickly went to four days. She does not come on Wednesdays, which is her day off, ”says Fabienne De Bleye, director of the Berloz municipal school since 2003.

►► “It works wonderfully”, explains Fabienne De Bleye.

►► “I am very happy to work here “says Marion.

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