For 12 years a teacher received both her salary and her pension: a mistake in a school in the Catania area. “Damage of 290 thousand euros”

A Sicilian teacher stopped working in 2006, but since then, for 12 yearshe perceived both lo salary that the pension. It is the story of a teacher at the John Paul I school in Belpasso, in the province of Catania. In more than a decade, until the woman’s death in March 2019 at the age of 78, no one noticed the error or reported the anomaly. This resulted in an overall tax damage of 289,805 euros.

The story emerged thanks to an action judicial of the state accounting that seeks to to retrieve from the heirs 72 thousand euros, the sums not yet prescribed. The “surreal” affair, as the judges of the Court of Auditors define it in the sentence, would have arisen from an error by the school director of John Paul I and the administrative manager, as established by the accounting judges, presided over by Joseph Aloisio.

The head teacher, tried with abbreviated rite, almost paid 11 thousand eurosequal to 30% of the amount requested by the regional prosecutor Pine tree Zingale. The other responsible was ordered to pay the sum of 18 thousand euros: 50% of the disputed amount. According to the magistrates, the teacher continued to receive the double sum because “the head teacher – write the judges – should have signed form D with which the institute communicated to the competent bodies – then to the provincial department of the Treasury – the placement of the staff assigned to the school, in order to interrupt the payment of the salary and activate the payment of the pension”. There responsibility of the executive school it cannot be mitigated, according to the judges, by the fact that, in the period in question, she was on leave and therefore temporarily replaced. “As soon as she got back she should have, in fact, made sure of the transmission of model D”, reads the sentence. The financiers who inspected the educational institution found the model in the teacher’s file, with the never sent sheet inside.

There executive administrative it defended itself in the trial by contesting the lack of upstream controls which lasted for about 12 years. No one in all these years has encountered the macroscopic irregularities. The professor, who died in 2019, continued to receive her salary “although she had 78 years, – write the judges – without anyone noticing the anomaly constituted by the fact that a salary emolument was paid to a subject of absolutely incompatible age”. Even the administrative manager would have liked to access the abbreviated procedure. But her proposal to pay 5 thousand euros was judged “inadmissible” by the judges, due to “the inadequacy of the sum offered”. After the conviction of the two executives, the recovery action of the 72 thousand euros by the State Accounting Office against the heirs remains very complex, since the risk of prescription.

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