food to increase hemoglobin

In today’s time, many problems start arising due to poor lifestyle and incomplete diet. One of these is the problem of hemoglobin deficiency. Generally, women suffer a lot from this problem. A person struggling with this condition often feels tired or weak. This is because hemoglobin molecules work to carry oxygen to cells throughout the body.

As soon as you breathe, that oxygen goes to the lungs and gets cleaned, and after that it starts flowing with the blood. Now hemoglobin carries it to every part of the body. In such a situation, as soon as there is a deficiency of hemoglobin, then this process gets affected. Due to which the working capacity of different parts of the body also starts to weaken. But the good news is that hemoglobin can be improved with a right diet. Let us know from the famous nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s team member Ghazal Furniturewala that how hemoglobin can be increased.

Try this nutritionist’s advice immediately to increase hemoglobin

Symptoms of Hemoglobin Deficiency

  1. Dry skin and pimples can be a symptom of hemoglobin deficiency.
  2. If your hair is falling out or falling out then this can also be a symptom.
  3. The brain cells do not get oxygen properly. Due to which problems related to mood start to arise.
  4. shortness of breath after a short period of time
  5. Nausea or persistent headache.
  6. Excessive bleeding in periods or no bleeding for months.

It is told in Ayurveda that there is a sure cure for anemia, from black raisins to fenugreek rice can remove Anemi

ways to increase hemoglobin

Most of you would think that only iron-rich foods will cure the problem of hemoglobin. but it’s not like that. For this, you have to consume foods rich in vitamin B12, vitamin C, protein and iron. In such a situation, below we are telling you 4 ways which can be useful for you.

Reduce long gaps in food

If you have a long gap between meals, reduce it. Try to eat something every two to three hours. If you keep more gaps between meals, then less amount of iron is absorbed in the body. Do not use tea, coffee, cigarettes or any snacks to kill hunger.

Chest pain and cold hands and feet can be symptoms of anemia, eat such vegetables for protection

​Stay away from laxatives


Usually many people use laxatives to clean the stomach. But it also kills the good bacteria in your gut. Due to which B12 assimilation also falls and hemoglobin also decreases. Apart from this, the level of oxygen in the body also decreases and the speed of metabolism also decreases.

Consumption of sprouted lentils –

You can benefit from eating lentils by sprouting and cooking them. When you sprout them, it increases the amount of protein and nutrients in them. Consume them regularly.

Eat seasonal vegetables

If you are thinking of increasing hemoglobin only by relying on spinach, then do not do it. You should also eat other green vegetables. This can increase the amount of hemoglobin.

If your hemoglobin is low, then you can also consult a doctor for this. This will give you a better understanding of what to eat and what not to.

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